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Partille Swedish 2xCampions!

Photo: Niclas Carlsson

The 17th of mars Partile Sport Club defended the Champion title for both men and women. The women team won against NAYAN Lund with a dominating game ending 3-1. There were problems to deliver goal on all the chances but the game were always on their side and it was always under control for our women. The Team of Nayan Lund fought hard and always had their heart on the pitch, they are a worthy opponent which we have a great deal of respect for. Hopefully we can have great games against each other in the upcoming season!

The mens team faced off the club of Lerum LHK with old players from Gothenburg which consisted of former partille sc players and Valhalla LHC players joining ranks for a final blow to put a mark on the Swedish hockey history! It was comfortable for the team of Partille SC but Lerum LHK put up a great show and had all the support from the spectators. Johan Björkman was showing a brilliant game from his side with 7 goals where 4 of them were field goals! But that wasn't the main highlight for the crowd regardless of this stunning appearance from the Partille side... The cheer when Klas Moberg in the 2nd minute of the 2nd half scored the first goal for Lerum was one of the most memorable moments in our history of sweden, when the whole arena stood up to cheer and applaude for the absolutely remarkable performance. Regardless of the score this was a sensational effort from lerum. 11 minutes later in the 2nd half Daniel Fasth from Lerum also succeeded a goal with great fashion which released a total rapture among the crowd! The game ended 13-2 (8-0 first half) for Partille SC, but we will always remember and respect our worthy opponent of Lerum LHK for the magic moments which aroused the crowd of hockey!

Partille SC men wants to thank and for the support this season!

Thank you!


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